During ten days, the Terrou-Bi Resort Dakar poker room saw the face-off between poker elites. Surely, it was in this resort in Africa which the event where the Terrou-Bi Poker Open took place. The judgment of € 1,500 Main Event fee settled previous on 20th May, Sunday and the title and 1st prize of € 25,835 were given to Hassan Fares. Fares was the single player who got the winner’s title in this event having Deepstack Re-entry size. Other popular poker players

like Stephane Cohen, Peter Roche, Roger Hairabedian and Anthony Lelouche were a part of the forty contestants pack. Unluckily, none of these players were good enough to defeat local players.

Still, the presence of Derwich at final table must be remarked. He was quite a hard opponent for Fares as he already has been the champ in the 2011 EFOP Diamond championship at ACF. Then the 2 poker players contended in a tough final fight. As runner-up, Derwich received the 2nd biggest share of the prize kitty which is about € 18,237.

The 3rd spot returned to Jadoune who received € 13,740 for his play. Remember that cash game events were organized in this event. Two € 3,000 cash tables were usable for poker players 24h/24. The conception of the event, the address as well as the help of host institution pulled in several poker participants as well as several are planning to go back in the next version planned for the 2012’s end.