Celena Lin wins MPC Red Dragon

Recently, Team PokerStars Pro Celina Lin was honored as the champion of the Macau Poker Cup: Red Dragon Main Event. This is truly a historic win for poker player Celina Lin. Boasting a buy-in of HK$ 11,000 and a guaranteed prize amount of HK$ 3 million, Celina Lin defeated a field of 391 players so that she can take home 854,000 dollars for occupying the first place and surely of the much desired Red Dragon Trophy.

This is not the first time Lin is tasting victory as this is her second Red Dragon victory. Both of the victory took place in Macau. Celina is the first women from China to win one of such events. Her first victory was in the year 2009. She is been recognized as the first woman player to receive a second title. On asking about how she is feeling right now, Lin said that she always desired to be the first female admirer but she also thought that it was not at all possible to win for the second time. Finally after achieving the trophy, she is very happy.

Apart from Lin there are some who reached a certain level of Red Dragon. Sangeeth Mohon is the one who completed 10th in Macau’s Main Event of 2011. Along with Mohon there were regulars from Indian circuit like Abhisek Goindi, Jasven Saigal and Akash Malik. All of them made it to the 2nd day of Red Dragon. Goindi was quite successful in day 1 as the second chipleader and he is the only one from the circuit who run deeply finally breaking the 22nd position for a payment of just HK$ 27,000.