Perfect Poker Pedigree

Heading the final table in World Series of poker 2008 was Canada based player with perfect poker pedigree. He was born in 1981 and grew up with card playing family in Perth.

He was a man with excellent mathematical skills but was not serious about poker game initially. He was playing poker just for fun as pass time activity. Then he decided to continue his study at Japan. During his study, he started his career as online player for making money. Although he started his career in 2006 but he was recognized in 2008 only during World Series of poker.

This was a major tournament event where he won $296,850 cash prize. He brought his own cash to the main event, unlike the other opponents. For Scott Montgomery, poker is the easiest source for earning money. Scott didn’t plan for any special training in poker. It was his passion and strength that makes him different from other poker players. Scott believes that he is playing with good strategies during poker tournament. If anyone will suggest him to improve his play then he is not going to follow their tips.

Scott was already playing poker from last many years. It was February 2008, when he decided to test his skills in a live event at World Poker Tour. No doubt, it was a very thoughtful decision by Scott Montgomery. He secured fifth position against the most popular poker players. Besides WTP, he was able to manage large profit at other popular poker event. It is not surprising that Scott Montgomery has become popular among the poker world. He decided to test his luck again at WSOP 2008. At this event also, he was able to secure the final table. It is all about positive attitude and strategies that makes you different from other players. This was the same case with Scott Montgomery.