Focus on Jesse Sylvia

Here, Jesse Sylvia is one of the famous chip leader which is held on the world series of poker $10,000. He is one of the people who got largest prizes in the poker history. The birth place of Sylvia was Malden and he have lived her much life on the Martha’s Vineyard. The Sylvia father seems to be an engineer and he was well familiar in scientific research. The Sylvia mother seems to be well most in designing the cloths. The Sylvia sister was a civil engineer and she also more interested in designing the cloths. The Sylvia completed her studies on the university named as Cal Lutheran University. From the study day itself he is more interested in playing poker game.

The Sylvia seems to be a losing player at the beginning in which he started to play the poker games. At the last year of the college studies he was much interested to earn more money by side by side. So he joined into the player of the online poker game. But he will not get any profits due to her management banking problem. While he will there level best after a last attempt and come slowly to get the name on the online poker. Due to their practices makes him to be a good poker player and he won more than $100k on the online final tournaments. Unfortunately a Sylvia laptop had been broken but he will not take big issues and he started playing with the computer at the math lab. After few month he became a well experienced poker and he will started to earn more money.

In recent days the Sylvia starts to play the live poker tournaments and the first World Series Sylvia were held on 2011 and he got the cash amount as $1,500 the tournament name to be Six-Handed tournament.