Daniel Negreanu

Daniel Negreanu was born on July 26, 1974 in Toronto, Canada. In 1974, his parents moved to US. Later his father got a job as an electrician in Toronto, so they end up settling their life in Canada. When Daniel was only four, he dreamed of becoming rich. He was so ambitious that once he told his mother he would build a house with popsicle sticks.

While studying in middle school, one day his principal complained to his mother about his bad behaviour and violating school rules. By then onwards, at the age of 15 he started playing snooker. Slowly he used to spend more time playing cards. He dropped high school studies and by the age of 22, he became a professional poker player.

Daniel Negreanu was so confident that he moved to Las Vegas to pursue his career as a full time poker player. He took the game so seriously that he was the first to win the World Poker Finals in 1997 at Foxwoods. His other achievements include winning three poker bracelets, two world poker titles and winning total thirty tournaments across the country. He got the nickname “ Kid Poker” because he was the first youngest player to win the World Series of Poker Bracelet. The success continued in 2003 through winning the S.H.O.E bracelet. In 2007 he was placed 2nd at WPT World Poker Open by winning over $500,000.

In 2007, he joined one of the largest online poker sites, Team pokerstars. He was very exciting joining the team. Though his marriage life was a failure he used to spend most of his time teaching upcoming poker players. He has written hundreds of articles related to sports. He loves playing hockey. He became a vegetarian in 2006 and currently he lives in Las Vegas.

Still Daniel Negreanu continues to be a role model for new generation poker players.