Jeremy Ausmus

Born in the small town of Lamer, Colorodo, Jeremy Ausmus has been watching poker games from a very young age. This was the time when he learnt the tricks of the game by observation and managed to gain expertise by watching the best players of the region play the game.

After learning the tricks of the trade from other players, Jeremy collected all the great tricks and started playing the game. His winning streak started right from the beginning and went on to earn huge sums of money. He used the earnings to support his family and these earnings went a long way in increasing his interest for the game and he has never had the opportunity to look back since then.

He has always had an analytical mind which would work with great thinking and logic and can easily predict the next move of the opponent. These tricks he learnt from his passion for chess and offered him the opportunity to use these skills while playing the game of poker. His consistency for winning the game lead him to make a profitable career out of it and ensure that he could fulfill his dreams and achieve what he would actually want in life.

Jeremy Ausmus believed in enhancing his skills all the time so that he would always have an upper hand on his competitors. Though he began his career as a poker player to provide support to his family, he soon made it his full time career and offered himself with a great career which he had never dreamt of. Though he loved to play cash games, he played online poker games as well when he was not in the life circuit. Jeremy Ausmus had tried his hand at various careers after gaining his bachelor’s degree, he soon found out that he was made for the game of poker.