Men Nguyen

Professional Pokers are numerous in playing Poker. Among the Poker professionals, Men Nguyen is most significant player as he has successfully achieved winning 7 bracelets in World Series of Poker. Born in 1954, Nguyen is familiar for finishing 120 from 2004-05. Playing Poker is his passion. Being a Vietnamese American Poker professional, Men is given the nickname as The Master in the field of Poker. Men’s first tournament win turn out to be in 1987.

Bagged 7 bracelets:
By the year 1967, Nguyen dropped out from his school and became a bus driver to shoulder the financial hardship of his family; by the time, he was just 13. It was in 1984, Nguyen played Poker for the first time. In spite of losing repeatedly, Nguyen learnt the art of the game. Mastering the game sooner, Nguyen successfully bagged his first tournament in 1987. Men’s wife Van Nguyen is also the Poker player, and by playing 2008 World Poker Tour, she owns the credit that she was the first woman to win the WPT mixed event. Wining around 75 tournaments, Men Nguyen is known for tutoring.

Tutoring the players is his work, which Nguyen is the only Poker professional who has trained many players professionally. Donating the charities, Nguyen is much notable for being as a philanthropist. Being considered as the Card Player Magazine Player of the Year in the years 1997, 2001, 2003 and 2005, Nguyen achieved his nickname The Master. Winning the bracelets twice in both the years 2003 and 1995, the rest of the titles and cash turn out to be after playing for the years of 1992, 2006 and 2010. Nguyen even receives some sum from the portion of his student’s winnings. Nguyen is considered as the accomplished tournament players in the world.