Paul Wasicka: a poker player with his intelligence as the major strength

Paul Wasicka was born on 17th of February in the year 1981 in Dallas, Texas. He is nicknamed as “Quick fish” in the poker world. Currently, he lives in Denver, Colorado. He has considered as one of the most successful and professional poker players. He was runner-up at the 2007 World Poker Championship and National Head Up poker championship. He has considered as one of the best poker players of modern times. What make him different from the rest of the poker players are his observation skills that give him an edge over the others. Along with that he is well known for his strategies and tricks in the poker games. His total earnings from poker games have exceeded the six million dollars mark.
He has never won any bracelet in World Series of Poker. But he has played six-money finishes at these poker events. He reached the final table once in his career where he had six-money finishes in the World Poker tour. He won the final tournament with the difference of 2-0 in the final where his opponents were other successful poker players: J. C. Tran and Eric Hershey. He finished at the fourth place at the World Poker Tour. He secured twelfth position at the 2007Aussie-poker main event and won the total of $120,000 ($95,400 US dollars) in cash prizes. He has a unique style of playing poker players, and he is quite intimidating to the opponents.
He has received many awards for his contributions to the poker games and other primary series. He is well received by other professional poker players. His sixteenth cash at the WSOP main event account for $6,192,711 winning. He is the owner of the Preserve Acquisition Group. He is interested in health and fitness programs. He prefers to play online poker and card games.