Yevgeniy Timoshenko: A professional poker player

A player is a smart poker player if learns from his mistake and scores good.

He is a player who was born in 1988 in khariv place Ukraine. He is a player who was passion to learn and start his carriers future poker player. He has observed the game very keenly and learned new strategies to tackle new poker as well as experienced poker player at all the levels may be international poker tournament or even it may be local or domestic poker tournament. He is a young poker player who has played at the WSOP poker player. He is a smart and young poker player. He is a player who has continued to even play online poker tournament.

He is a player who has played at the No Hold’Em event where he has scored very good score and matches were in this account. He is the 44th winner of poker tournament that took place at the international poker tournament. We can even see that he has played for worlds series of poker tournament and has great score in wining live cashes and casino for his account till date. He has also finished at the second place at the Asian poker tournament. He has scored well at the European poker tournament. He is classic poker player with many efforts that can help new poker players to understand the game.

He started playing poker from such a small and a young age. He started playing poker when he was just in the school the time in which he had to complete his school assignments and homework’s he used to play the poker game. At the school time nobody of his age group nor did his parents think that this man could achieve such achievements at such a small age at this game which is not very legal kind of game.