Oleksii Khoroshenin: A steady and sincere poker player

The game of poker is really a game of passion as well as game of lot of dedication.

When player plays any game he should always make sure what he s actually owing to. He is player basically who likes to play game of poker for longer time in international poker tournament as well as for the domestic poker tournaments. He is a player of great tribute and likes to manage the game for long period of time in the entire poker series. Rank wise is 39 and POY Winnings $679,060. We can see him playing at various poker tournaments that are even events and manages to win these games in very easy way. He is a poker player that has made the game really known at the higher level aspects.

In the various competitions he has participated and proved himself. He has played for world poker tournament as World Poker Tour. There are $10,942 winning cashes are total 1 on his account in the entire poker tournament. He has no championship in the entire poker tournament at the world series of poker tournament. He does not have any final tables on his account. Learning is a process and practice is another way to become poker player. He is a poker player who loves the game of poker and aims higher after every match to win cashes and title

In European poker tournament he has better record as compared to the world series of poker tournament. He has won 1championship one cash in the entire European poker tournament. He has also participated in the world series of poker tournament. A player who has good skills and likes to play for games that is very challenging. He is recognized all over the globe for his various tricks and game. He is not yet triumph in winning many cashes and wins in the poker games.