Brian Rast Challenges Adelson To Poker

Brian Rast is a pro at the live poker games as well as online gaming rooms.

There are reports that Brian has issued a comment akin to a challenge of two million dollars to CEO of Las Vegas Sands, Sheldon Adelson. There have been several comments made by Adelson where he has ridiculed the skill elements that exist in poker.

Adelson would probably never accept the challenge put up by Rast and probably his assistants are working hard to keep him from even hearing about it. There have been several talks about the latest Variation on a Theme poker strategy. Adelson however, has belittled this strategy in order to support his own financial ventures. This is not the first time when such a business tycoon has been challenged by a poker player to put money where his mouth is and come over to play a game of poker.

It definitely makes for good drama and gossip among fans and followers. As per the interview where Adelson made his comments, he stated that poker and other gaming forms were only social activities or recreations and cannot be called gambling. Usually kids who are unable to sleep at night would get up and challenge each other to play a game of poker. However, when it comes to categorizing the game as a skill based game, that is simply a way of categorizing it, but it definitely does not require much of strategy as there is often a great deal made out of.

To this comment Rast retorted that he challenges Adelson to a game with 2 million stakes each, even though he himself is not a billionaire. It would be interesting to see what Adelson’s retort would be and how the conversation ends.

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