MGM National Harbor Casino In Washington

The MGM National Harbor casino opened in the early part of December in Washington DC which is a property worth 1.4 billion US dollars.

There are 39 poker tables at this venue which adds to the already existing market for poker in this state. The company has expanded its presence in Maryland and added another venue that has poker rooms styled in the Las Vegas way.

With the opening of this poker room in the last month of last year the revenues in the state have increased, having gone up by about $3.88 million, which is an increase of three million as compared to revenues that were earned in December 2015. The poker room in total added about 1.4 million to its revenues in the first month itself.

The casino attracted thousands of guests on the opening days itself. Many stated that the floor of the venue reminded them of the ambience of Aria as well as Bellagio. With the right Las Vegas ambience created, it is little wonder that many are making the most of the new venue during the cold holiday months this winter. Johnny Grooms is the manager of MGM National Harbor Poker Room.

He stated that this is a poker market that is underserved. The wait lists are as long as 150 sometimes for the cash games of no limit hold’em variants. The action has been great at this venue. About the new card room, he states that they were fortunate to see a large volume of players. Every day since the opening has been akin to having a tournament like applications. The waiting lists were high for several games. The key to keeping up the long wait lists was to stay in contact with the players and help them make the most of the other offerings on the floor.

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